Skype Call w/ Smif N Wessun + Ultimate Born and Raised Package


You will receive a 30 minute Skype or FaceTime call with Smif N Wessun to ask them any questions you may have. You will also receive a physical limited-edition Digipak CD with exclusive photos and credits; an Mp3 download of all 6 songs + the 4 bonus records ("Sound Bwoy Bureill Live" featuring the Judah Tribe Reggae Band & Jahdan, "All Massive," "Solid Ground Instrumental" and "Born and Raised Instrumental"), along with a PDF download of the album Artwork; a limited-edition 7" vinyl record containing the songs "Solid Ground" featuring Junior Reid & "Born & Raised" feat. Jr. Kelly; custom Smif N Wessun rolling papers, 3-piece acrylic magnetized grinder and a match box; 'Born and Raised' Brooklyn landmark T-shirt that contain the streets where Tek & Steele grew up; lightweight customized jute fiber tote bag; and the extremely limited-edition Duck Down x Lafayette Hoodie featuring camo 'Born and Raised' writing on front and the official Duck Down x Lafayette seal on the sleeve. This package also includes the shout out on Twitter & Facebook. After purchasing please e-mail your contact details to This offer is limited to 15 purchases.

This offer contains:

-Born and Raised (Feat. Jr. Kelly)
-Shots In the Dark (Feat. Jahdan)
-Solid Ground (Feat. Junior Reid)
-These Streets
-Kamikaze (Feat. Jahdan)
-Rich Gyal (Feat. Jahdan)
-Sound Bwoy Bureill Live (feat. Judah Tribe Reggae Band & Jahdan) (Deluxe-Edition)
-All Massive (Deluxe-Edition)
-Solid Ground (Instrumental) (Deluxe-Edition)
-Born and Raised (Instrumental) (Deluxe-Edition)
-Smif N Wessun - Born and Raised Booklet
-Smif N Wessun - Born and Raised Cover
-Smif N Wessun - Born and Raised (CD)
-Smif N Wessun Jute Bags
-Smif N Wessun - Born and Raised (7" Vinyl)
-Smif N Wessun Grinder
-Smif N Wessun Rolling Papers
-Smif N Wessun Match Box
-Smif N Wessun - Born and Raised Landmark T-Shirt
-Smif N Wessun - Born and Raised Sweatshirt
-30 Minute Skype Call with Smif N Wessun

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)

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